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Nanotech 2011
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  Electronics & Microsystems

Fujitsu Succeeds at Large-Scale Calculations Enabling the Computational Design of Novel Nanodevices - Supercomputer employed to simulate the electrical properties of 1,000-atom models...Read more


Intel Capital creates $300 Million Ultrabook™ Fund Innovation Center for collaboration with industry - Investments to be made in companies developing hardware and software technologies to enhance the capabilities of Intel’s Ultrabook™...Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

NanoICE Now Available in the U.S., Bound to Revolutionize Food Preservation - NanoICE technology was invented in Iceland more than 10 years ago...Read more


A new approach to scratch resistance - Analysis by MIT researchers could lead to improved coatings using polymer-based nanocomposite materials...Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Automobile instruments harvest energy from road vibration to keep sensors running - No batteries required!...Read more


Arizona State University new home of the NSF-DOE Engineering Research Center for Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST) - QESST will receive $18.5 Million in investments from the NSF and DOE through 2016...Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

Novel method for treating ovarian cancer - The Fraunhofer Institute IZI and Australian company Prima BioMed Ltd. working together to test and gain approvals for novel therapeutic method to treat ovarian cancer...Read more


University of Georgia (UGA) researchers use gold nanoparticles to diagnose flu in minutes - UGA researchers’ technology uses gold nanoparticles coated with antibodies that bind to the flu strains...Read more

  Innovation & Investment

CTSI Announces Winners of 1st Annual Defense Energy Technology Challenge - Top 10 Defense Energy Technology Solutions Companies to Present at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit, Honolulu, HI...Read more


Minnesota Looks to Create New Regional Nanotech Initiative - NanoVox would include parts of the Midwest US and Canada; goals include bringing more federal funding to the region for nano-company growth and job creation...Read more


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