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March 2011 Issue

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  Nanotech 2011 Conference & Expo News

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  Electronics & Microsystems

Physicists measure current-induced torque in nonvolatile magnetic memory devices - Cornell University researchers have discovered a new way of measuring and optimizing their performance. ...Read more


Nanorods Developed in UC Riverside Lab Could Greatly Improve Visual Display of Information - Technology has potential applications in a wide variety of color displays....Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

University Researchers Identify Nanostructured Metal Alloys for Electrical and Magnetic Energy Conversion - Rutgers researchers believe this class of very strong metal alloys could make sensors and switches smaller and more nimble....Read more


UK Researchers Developing Nano-Spray with Advanced Anti-Microbial Properties - The anti-microbial spray would be used for coating food surface materials to kill pathogens, including E. coli and salmonella..Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Tantaline Unveils New Heat Exchanger Product - Company describes their product as industry’s most corrosion-resistant heat exchanger...Read more


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Designs New Composite Material for Advanced Hydrogen Storage - Material was constructed using nanoparticles of magnesium metal scattered through a matrix of polymethyl methacrylate...Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

University of Manchester (UK) Scientists Believe Sea Creatures Could Hold Key to Growing Human Muscle Tissue - Nano-size whiskers taken from sea creatures contain cellulose that are thousands of times smaller than muscle cells and are able to cause cell alignment...Read more


UCLA Researchers Develop Nano Device That Can ‘Grab’ Free-Floating Cancer Cells in Bloodstream - Acting like Velcro, the tumor cells are grabbed by the nanopillars on the device...Read more


Liquidia Technologies Receives $10 Million from Gates Foundation to Develop Advanced Vaccines - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s investment to be used to support Liquidia’s PRINT® technology that improves vaccine delivery and efficacy...Read more

  Where the Investment Is

AMD to Build $100 Million Data Center in Georgia -New data center to be built on land in Georgia’s Innovation Crescent region, which is becoming one of the top places in the US for data centers....Read more


AMSilk Closes $7+ Million US Series B Financing Round - Latest funding round will secure AMSilk’s advancement and commercialization efforts for its first spider silk-based products....Read more


Venture Capital Investments Experience Increases in Dollars Invested and Number of Deals in 2010 - PwC Money Tree Survey notes this is first year that venture capital investment levels went up since 2007.....Read more


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