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May 2010 Issue
  Nanotech Conference and Expo 2010

June 21-24, 2010
Anaheim, CA, US

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One Day Short Courses
Monday June 21st!

- Carbon Nanotubes
- Nanoparticles & Films
- Microfluidics for Biotech
- Polymer Nanoparticles
- Nano for Health Care
- BioMaterials & Tissues
- Industrial Soft Nanotech
- Nano Characterization
- Nanocomposites
- Renewable Energy
- Energy Storage
- Water Technologies
- Tech Commercialization
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Corporate Partner Presenters

Lockheed Martin Honda
GE Healthcare
Applied Materials
Procter and Gamble


  Electronics & Microsystems

Nanotech and Microtech 2010 Joint Program

Special Symposia in: Nano Electronics, NanoFab, NanoSimulation, NanoReliability, Inkjet, MEMS Device & Fab

Speakers Include: Lockheed Martin, GE, Eastman Kodak, Toray, Fuji Electric, Sanyo, Omron, Honda, Samsung, Panasonic, Seimens, Dimatix, Accelrys, Intel, IBM, Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, NanoInk, Agilent, SoftMEMS, Raith, Asylum, FEI, Veeco, Wispry, Nextreme, SiTime, TranSiC, Baolab, Microlyne, Microvision, Alces, Sand 9, Bartels, Daimler, Infineon, Bosch, Honeywell, Triad Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics and hundreds of leading researchers from around the world...View Program


Samsung Announces $20 billion US Investment Plan - Electronics giant’s 2010 investment budget is largest in company history ...Read more


UCLA to Develop Advanced MEMS Technology for Defense Applications - The DARPA grant will be distributed over the next 4.5 years...Read more

  Chemicals & Materials

Nanotech 2010 Advanced Materials Program

Special Symposia in: Nanoscale Characterization, Nanoparticles, Polymer, Composites, Coatings & Surfaces, BioNano Materials, Nano for PV, Nano for Storage, EHS

Speakers Include: BASF, Dow, Applied Materials, Lockheed Martin, Nanocomp, SWeNT, BP, Chevron, GE, Merck, BYK-Chemie, NIST, US Army, Philips Research, Novomer, Mintek, Optical Dynamics, SweTree Technologies, Invitrogen, Xerox, RTI, Molecular Probes, Hecus, Agilent, ExxonMobil, and hundreds of leading researchers from around the world...View Program


Sharkskin for airplanes, ships and wind energy plants - Fraunhofer has developed an innovative paint system to reduce drag...Read more


Audi 9 concept car can repair itself and even change color—all thanks to nanotechnology - Spanish designer Daniel Garcia is behind the bold design of the futuristic car..Read more

  Energy & Cleantech

Nanotech 2010 Energy, Environment and Cleantech Program

Special Symposia in: Nanotech for Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, Oil & Gas, Water, Remediation, Environment, Health & Safety

Speakers Include: Toray Industries, Fuji Electric, Sanyo, Xtreme Power, Ballard Power, GE, PowerGenix, Catalyx, Electrovaya, Wildcat, Oorja Protonics, Quantum Tech, Ananod-Solar, Millennium Electronics, Altairnano, Solterra, SolFocus, Dow, Omron, Chevron, CDC, NIOSH, NREL, US Navy, Seacoast Science, Novomer, Nanosteller, Hitachi, Lockheed Martin, PARC, XPV Capital, Fresh & Easy, APTwater, IBM, Siemens, BYK-Chemie, and hundreds of leading researchers from around the world...View Program


New semiconductor manufacturing technique developed at the University of Illinois - Method developed by the university team could lead to more efficient solar cells and next generation electronics...Read more


NYC using LIDAR technology to map out, among other things, optimal places for solar installations - The “solar map” will help assess the city’s capacity for solar power, and city dwellers can check if their home is suitable for solar panels....Read more

  Health Sciences & Biotech/Pharma

Nanotech 2010 Bio Nanotech Program

Special Symposia in: Nanotech for Cancer, Phage, Neurology, Bio Imaging, Interfaces, Tissues, Bio Sensors

Speakers Include: Merck, Proctor & Gamble, Medtronic, Merck, GE Healthcare, Advanced Diamond, Adjuvance, CardiaLen, NanGenex, FluimediX, Endomemetics, Bilcare, Diomics, InnoSense, NanoSight, NIST, PARC, National Cancer Institute, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIBIB, NIOSH, and hundreds of leading scientists and researchers from around the world...View Program


University researchers have developed sensor that can detect Type 1 diabetes - Professor Sotiris E. Pratsinis and his colleagues at ETH-Zurich have successfully developed and tested the nanotech breath sensor...Read more


US and Europe university collaboration create library of bio-membranes that mimic cellular membranes - The synthetic biomaterials could someday be used for nanomedicine and advanced drug delivery...Read more

  Featured Organization

Advances in Nanotechnology White Paper -
Nanotechnology is already used in thousands of products looking to explore the amazing properties of nanoparticles. Industries as diverse as the life sciences, clean technology, aerospace and defense are seeing the dramatic possibilities that nanotechnology can open in their fields. The Advances in Nanotechnology white paper describes some of these opportunities. Specifically, it discusses:

  • Some of the most promising and ambitious nanotech research projects and industry products
  • The advantages and challenges inherent in the nanotech field
  • Nanotech’s applications in the life sciences, clean technology, aviation, aerospace and defense
Download this FREE white paper now

  Where the Investment Is

Cleantech and Life Sciences Investments dominate Canadian venture capital market during Q1 2010 - Canadian Venture Capital Association reports Q1 2010 venture dollars were down compared to Q1 2009...Read more


Boston unveils plans for “Innovation District” - Mayor Menino and city plan to transform the South Boston Waterfront and the Marine Industrial Park into a hub for innovation...Read more




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