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Nanotech 2009 Conference and Expo Nanotech 2009 • May 3-7
George R. Brown
Convention Center
Houston, TX

Final Submission Deadline is January 28th!
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NSTI Innovation Profiles
Electronics & Microsystems
  • R&D Profile: Synthesis of one-dimensional titanium dioxide nanostructures
    Finely structured titanium dioxide is a technological material of long-standing importance for many applications including pigments and catalysis.[more]

Health Sciences and Biotech/Pharma
  • R&D Profile: Vertically Arranged Gold Nanowires: An Interface for Live Neuronal Recordings
    An understanding of the dynamic communication of neural networks in the brain has been a critical challenge to neuroscientists. The potentials of nanotechnology have opened a new technical dimension with which to effectively investigate live neural networks.[more]
  • Venture Profile: Aphios Corporation
    Aphios Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company that is developing enabling technology platforms to improve the discovery natural therapeutics, the manufacturing of rare and complex bioactive molecules and viral vaccines, the nanotechnology delivery of therapeutic proteins, sRNAi, and hydrophobic small molecules, and the pathogenic safety of biologics including human plasma and monoclonal antibodies. [more]

Instrumentation & Tools
  • Venture Profile: XiGo Nanotools
    Particle surface area and size are important properties of nanomaterials. XiGo Nanotools provides compact, innovative instruments to measure these and other nanomaterial properties. [more]
  • Nanotech 2009: Final Call for Submissions! Deadline is January 28.
    Join us today and participate in the largest Nanotech conference and expo in North America. [more]
Nanotech 2009 Conference & Expo May 3-7, Houston, TX
Features News
  • Lab-in-a-Cartridge for Fast and Accurate Detection of Cancer and Infectious Diseases
    Dyamed Licenses IBN's MicroKit to Develop Portable, Automated, All-in-One Device for Early-Stage Disease Diagnosis [more]
  • Australian Researchers Developing Micro-motors To Improve Surgical Procedures and More
    Researchers from Monash University are using piezoelectricity to produce microbot motors. [more]

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