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February 2007
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Welcome to NSTI's Nano World News the monthly newsletter that seeks to inform the broad range of professionals representing the multi-disciplinary and multi-sector community integrated by nanotechnology. Each issue focuses on the research, development and business of nanotechnology and its numerous pulling industries.

DOE’s Nano-centric Research Centers Set To Fuel New Era in Nano Collaborative
By: Vance McCarthy

Nano World News interviews Jim Bustillo, assistant director of the just-opened Molecular Foundry, part of DOE’s $500-million push for multi-disciplined nano research.

2007 will mark the dawn of a new era in government/private sector collaboration in many promising areas of nanoscience.

ASTM Sets Nano’s First Standard Definitions
By: Vance McCarthy

The most definitive document yet for setting a “common vocabulary” for the growing number of nanoscience-related disciplines has been published by the ASTM International. But, experts say the document will set some needed rules-of-the-road for the next-generation of multidiscipline nanoscience research.

The ASTM’s “Standard Terminology Relating to Nanotechnology” sets a standard definition from such common terms as aggregate, nano-, nanotechnology, nanoscale nanoparticle and even plain ol’ “particle.”

Visit one of Europe’s Largest Nanotechnology Events

Nanotech Northern Europe brings together leading academics, industrial representatives, investors and policymakers. 2007 will mark the third Nanotech Northern Europe event, which combines an extensive congress programme, a fully integrated exhibition, and a number of partnering and social events.

BusinessWeek Section for Nanotechnology Closing Next Week for Advertising

This is your one chance to reach 4.7 million business managers that read BusinessWeek with an ad subsidized by NSTI.

NSTI is partnering with BusinessWeek’s Special Section Group in a nanotechnology commercialization program. The partnership is for purposes of broadening the base of organizations and industry participation in a special section on Nanotechnology scheduled for the March 26, 2007 issue BusinessWeek.

Nanotech 2007 Program Now Available

A global audience of 4,000+ attendees and hundreds of exhibitors are expected at Nanotech 2007. Poster and Venture submissions for conference consideration are still being accepted.

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