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November 2006
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Welcome to NSTI's Nano World News the monthly newsletter that seeks to inform the broad range of professionals representing the multi-disciplinary and multi-sector community integrated by nanotechnology. Each issue focuses on the research, development and business of nanotechnology and its numerous pulling industries.

Health & Environmental Summit on Nano (FDA & NSTI to Collaborate)
By: Vance McCarthy
FDAWith the U.S. Food and Drug Administration kicking up its interest in the use of nanotechnologies in consumer goods (foods, cosmetics, drugs), Nanotech 2007 will convene a special “Health & Environmental Summit on Nano” during its May 2007 event in Santa Clara, Calif.
“The goal of Nanotech 2007’s ‘Health & Environmental Summit on Nano’ is to assist the FDA with its fact-finding programs for Nanotechnology in Consumer Goods,” said Dr. Matthew Laudon, Executive Director of Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI), the group that produces Nanotech 2007.
“In October, the FDA’s Nanotechnology Task Force began its hearings into the use of nanotechnologies in a growing number of foods and consumer products. We believe NSTI’s Nanotech 2007, with our access to a strong community of thousands of experts in nanotechnology researchers and commercialization, can contribute to the government’s exploration of nanotechnology in consumer goods,” Laudon said.

Submission Deadline Approaching for 10th Annual NSTI Nanotech 2007
Abstract Submissions due November 17
NSTI The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) is seeking submissions for the Nanotech 2007 Conference and Trade Show, which will take place May 20-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in the heart of Silicon Valley.
NSTI Nanotech 2007 is the premier industry event on nanotechnology. The conference will showcase hundreds of technology presentations, government program reviews, early stage venture forum, nano job fair, and will feature a large IP partnering showcase and expanded vertical industry symposia.
"Nanotech 2007 will also convene the largest Nanotech Ventures program ever. Nanotech Ventures will feature presentations from dozens of pre-screened companies across various industry sectors,” notes Dr. Laudon. The TechConnect Summit, one of the most comprehensive early stage technology and early stage venture event in the U.S., will again be co-located with Nanotech 2007. “TechConnect’s attendees--leading licensing, business, and investment development professionals representing multiple industries--found great benefit in the nanotech business opportunities offered at Nanotech Ventures."

Raymor Industries’ Recipe for NanoMaterials Success
By: Vance McCarthy
Raymor facilityA small-but-rapidly-growing Canadian maker of nanomaterials and advanced materials, Raymor Industries has new investment, new customers and new capacity – and is poised to make some big noise in small tech in 2007.

Only a month after it opened its first high capacity plant with targeted capacity of 10,000 grams/day/unit for single-walled carbon nanotubes (C-SWNTs), Raymor secured $10 million (Canadian) in new funding, won advanced materials and nano-materials business from Boeing and Stryker Corporation, (among others) and is now planning further capacity expansion for SWNTs, spherical metallic powders, nano-coatings and other nano-materials.

Stephane Robert’s approach might be described as: “If we build (what customers want), they will come.” To understand more about how Raymor is building its nano-success, Nano World News spoke with Raymor CEO Stephane Robert and Raymor Business Development Manager Tom Whitton.

Raymor’s 5 Simple Ingredients for NanoMaterials Success...

UK Research Team Announces Bio-Nano Breakthrough
By: Jennifer Rocha
DNA switch Dr. Keith Firman of the University of Portsmouth, UK, tells NWN More About the Revolutionary Electronic DNA Switch

Dr. Keith Firman and his team built the electronic switch around a ‘nanoactuator’, using technology that allowed them to develop a novel electronic switch based on DNA. The electronic DNA switch creates a foundation in which interface can now occur between a living organism, or a biological ‘system’ and a computer. “There is little doubt that our work only became possible with the advent of single molecule handling and measurement (in our case the use of magnetic tweezers systems),” Dr. Firman tells NWN.

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