2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Speakers Include

Richard A. VaiaActive and Adaptive Nanocomposites: Opportunties for Smart Materials
Richard A. Vaia
Lead of the NanoMaterials Strategy Group, Acting Chair of the NanoScience and Technology (NST) Strategic Technology Team, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
James R. HeathEarly Cancer Detection with Nanodevices
James R. Heath
Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor and Professor of Chemistry at Caltech
Professor of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology at UCLA
Director of the National Cancer Institutes NSB Cancer Center
Celia MerzbacherRegulatory & Social Implications Keynote Address
Celia Merzbacher
Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
Executive Office of the President, US
Jerry McNerneyNew Energy Technology and the Clean Economy of the Future
Jerry McNerney
Congressman, California, United States Congress
C. P. (Sandy) ButterfieldWind Technology Status and Research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
C. P. (Sandy) Butterfield
Chief Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Michael J. FasolkaCombinatorial Methods for Soft Nanostructured Materials Design
Michael J. Fasolka
Director, NIST Combinatorial Methods Center
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Thomas F. MyersThomas F. Myers
Counsel, Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Darlene J.S. SolomonOpportunities in Nanotechnology Measurement
Darlene J.S. Solomon
Agilent Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Agilent Laboratories
Agilent Technologies
Lawrence H. DuboisPast Mainstream: What’s Next for Clean Tech and How to Get There Quickly
Lawrence H. Dubois
Vice President, Physical Sciences Division, SRI International
Edward T. YuIncreasing efficiency of photovoltaics via surface plasmon polariton scattering effects in metallic nanostructures
Edward T. Yu
Professor, University of California, San Diego
Richard C. PleusRichard C. Pleus
Director and Toxicologist, Intertox, Inc.
Larry M. GibbsLarry M. Gibbs
Associate Vice Provost for Environmental Health & Safety, Stanford University
Lynn E. FosterLynn E. Foster
Emerging Technologies Director, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
John HofmeisterJohn Hofmeister
President, Shell Oil Company
François RieutordThe MINATEC Nanoscale Characterization Centre: Comprehensive and complementary analysis tools for nanoelectronics
François Rieutord
Nanostructure and Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, CEA, France
 SANYO: Corpoate & Technology Needs
Naoki Chiba
General Manager
SANYO Technology Center USA
SANYO North America Corporation
Cary GunnCary Gunn
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Luxtera, Inc.
Vinod KhoslaCleantech Futures
Vinod Khosla
Founder, Khosla Ventures
Altaf H. CarimAltaf H. Carim
Co-Chair, Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology (NSET), Committee on Technology, National Science and Technology Council
Scientific User Facilities Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Tao ZhangHewlett-Packard: Corporate & Technical Needs
Tao Zhang
Intellectual Property Licensing (IPL) Organization
Hewlett-Packard Company
Michael D. JacksonClean Fuels/Alternate Fuels
Michael D. Jackson
Senior Director of Transportation Technology, TIAX LLC
Katharine BrassKatharine Brass
Ecomagination Program Manager, GE Energy
Mark L. AdamsGlobal Environmental Micro Sensors Test Operations in the Natural Environment
Mark L. Adams
Director of Non-bioengineering Strategic Development Division
Ensco Inc.
Sergiy MinkoDesign and Fabrication of Nanopatterned Polymer Brushes with Applications as Switchable Microfluidics Gates
Sergiy Minko
Egon Matijevic Chaired Professor
NanoStructured Materials Group
Clarkson University
Naoki “Nick” SugimotoHonda: Corporate & Technology Needs
Naoki “Nick” Sugimoto
Honda Strategic Venturing (HSV)
Honda Motor Corporation
Roger Y. TsienDevelopment of Nanotools for Cancer Detection and Imaging
Roger Y. Tsien
Professor of Pharmacology at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego
Patricia M. NievaMEMS Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications
Patricia M. Nieva
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
University of Waterloo, Canada
Andreas WildCMOS Process and Design Options for 32nm and beyond
Andreas Wild
Director, Freescale Semiconductors Crolles Research Center, France
Mark A. ReedNano- and Molecular-Scale Electronics
Mark A. Reed
Harold Hodgkinson Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics
Yale University
Martin A. CaseProteins in Nanostructured Materials
Martin A. Case
Assistant Professor, Bioorganic Chemistry
The University of Vermont
Mansoor AmijiMansoor Amiji
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmacy, Bouve College of Health Sciences and Associate Director of the Nanomedicine Consortium, Northeastern University in Boston, MA
 Functionalized Nanocomposite Silica Materials
Andrew M. Dattelbaum
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Paul AlivisatosHelios Project: Cleantech
Paul Alivisatos
University of California Berkeley
Linda K. MolnarNCI Nanotechnology for Cancer Alliance Perspective
Linda K. Molnar
Project Officer, Office of Technology and Industrial Relations
National Cancer Institute
Ronald C. PateEnergy-Water Interdependencies
Ronald C. Pate
Alumni, Sandia National Laboratories
Paddy FrenchNano-structure or nano-system: opportunities and pitfalls
Paddy French
Project Leader
Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Thomas E. TwardowskiNanocomposites: Shape does matter!
Thomas E. Twardowski
Associate Professor, Widener and Villanova Universities
Jim JohnsonWind Technology Status and Research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jim Johnson
Engineer I, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Marcos GomezBASF Technology Needs
Marcos Gomez
BASF Venture Capital, Inc.
Kurt PetersenMEMS Replaces the Quartz Crystal
Kurt Petersen
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
SiTime Corporation
Neil CameronNeil Cameron
Technology Specialist Materials, Emerald Technology Ventures
Danilo C. PozzoNanoparticle Arrays Templated in Thermoreversible Micelle Crystals
Danilo C. Pozzo
Center for Neutron Research
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Bruce M. PrattGenzyme: Technology Needs
Bruce M. Pratt
Vice President
Science Development
Genzyme Corporation
Barry CinnamonBarry Cinnamon
Chief Executive Officer, Akeena Solar
André E. NelAndré E. Nel
Chief, UCLA Division of Nanomedicine
Scott SillsUnderstanding and Utilizing Molecular Constraints in Nanoscale Material Designs
Scott Sills
Micron Technology, Inc.
Mikko A. UusitaloMikko A. Uusitalo
Principal Scientist, Nokia Research Center, Finland
Péter KrügerCorporate Nanotechnology - Bayer
Péter Krüger
Head of Bayer Working Group Nanotechnology, Bayer MaterialScience AG, Germany
Vincent MagnottaAir Products & Chemicals: Corporate & Technology Needs
Vincent Magnotta
Manager, Corporate Technology Transfer
Air Products and Chemicals
Kevin M. McGovernNanoWater: Past, Present and Future
Kevin M. McGovern
Chairman and CEO of McGovern Capital LLC
Daniel AttingerOverview: Micro & Nano Fluidics
Daniel Attinger
Founder, Laboratory for Microscale Transport Phenomena
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Columbia University
James M. SchaefferMerck: Corporate & Technical Needs
James M. Schaeffer
Executive Director
Worldwide Licensing and External Research – West Coast
Merck Research Laboratories
Stéphane RobertStéphane Robert
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Raymor Industries
Pierre WiltziusFabrication Techniques for Photonic Crystals
Pierre Wiltzius
Director, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wolfgang P. MeierBio-Inspired Membranes from Polymers and Biological Motifs
Wolfgang P. Meier
Professor of Chemistry
University of Basel, Switzerland
David F. MoxamDavid F. Moxam
President and Chief Executive Officer, Authentix, Inc.
Thomas G. MasonForming Nanoemulsion Debye Glasses: Irreversible Elastic Vitrification Through Extreme Emulsification
Thomas G. Mason
Associate Professor and John McTague Chair of Chemistry
California NanoSystems Institute
University of California- Los Angeles
Hayat OnyukselTargeted Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy
Hayat Onyuksel
Professor of Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering and Associate Head
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy
University of Illinois at Chicago
Nicholas van BruggenAdvancing Drug Discovery and Development with Molecular Imaging
Nicholas van Bruggen
Associate Director: Biomedical Imaging
Aymeric SallinNanotechnology Investement and Industry Status
Aymeric Sallin
Founding and Managing Partner
NanoDimension AG, Switzerland
Fiona CaseMulti-scale Modeling of Soft Nanostructured Materials
Fiona Case
Case Scientific
NSTI Soft Nanotech Coordinator
Meyya MeyyappanCarbon Nano Tubes: Fundamentals and Applications
Meyya Meyyappan
Director of the Center for Nanotechnology
Senior Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center
Benjamin S. HsiaoIn-Situ Studies of Structure/Property/Processing Relationships in Polymer Nanocomposites
Benjamin S. Hsiao
Professor, Department of Chemistry & Spokesperson for Advanced Polymers Beamline (X27C) at National Synchrotron Light Source
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Alberto SannaAlberto Sanna
e-Services for Life and Health, Scientific Institute San Rafaele, Italy
Sarah AudetMedtronic Technology Needs
Sarah Audet
Director of Technology Planning
William P. MoffittTaking Diagnostics to the Next Level
William P. Moffitt
President and Chief Executive Officer, Nanosphere, Inc.
Brian JohnstonEastman Kodak - Technology Interests
Brian Johnston
Director, Kodak External Alliances
Eastman Kodak Company
Bill DavidowHard Learned Lessons about Venture Investing—What every entrepreneur should know
Bill Davidow
Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Steve FletcherHigh Throughput Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization
Steve Fletcher
Projects Director, Chemistry Innovation KTN, LGC Limited / Chemistry Innovation KTN, United Kingdom
George FytasHypersonic Phononic Colloidal Crystals
George Fytas
Professor of Physical Chemistry
Department of Materials Science and Technology, University of Crete, Greece
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
Wolfgang WindlAdvanced Nanoscale Simulation Tools
Wolfgang Windl
Associate Professor
Ohio State University
Moonhor ReeQuantitative Synchrotron Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering and Reflectivity Analysis of Nano-structures and Patterns Supported with Substrates
Moonhor Ree
Professor, Polymer Synthesis & Physics Laboratory, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
C.P. (Case) van DamChallenges and Innovations in Wind Energy
C.P. (Case) van Dam
Professor, University of California at Davis
Anna D. BarkerThe Promise of Nanotechnology in Cancer
Anna D. Barker
Deputy Director, Advanced Technologies and Strategic Partnerships
National Cancer Institute
Sanjiv Sam GambhirMolecular Imaging in Cancer
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir
Director, Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
Head, Nuclear Medicine
Professor, Departments of Radiology & Bioengineering
Bio-X Program
Stanford University
Krassimir P. VelikovColloid Particles for Advanced Control of Product Appearance
Krassimir P. Velikov
Food Structural Design
Unilever Food and Health Research Institute
Unilever R&D, NL
John G. SylviaJohn G. Sylvia
Texas Pacific Group
Wolfgang S. BacsaCarbon Nano Tubes: Fundamentals and Applications
Wolfgang S. Bacsa
Professor at the Solid State Physics Laboratory
Université Paul Sabatier, France
R. Stanley WilliamsThe nano-Info Convergence:  Manufacturing Integrated nano-Photo-Electronic Systems
R. Stanley Williams
Senior HP Fellow, Director, Quantum Science Research group, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
B.J. StanberyNanotechnology at the Intersection of the Building and Power Industries
B.J. Stanbery
CEO and Founder, HelioVolt Corporation
Bill DavisBill Davis
CEO and President, Ze-gen
Darrin PochanHydrogels for Cell Encapsulation and Injectable Delivery via Peptide Folding and Consequent Self-assembly
Darrin Pochan
Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering Department
Delaware Biotechnology Institute
The University of Delaware.
Kitu BindraKitu Bindra
Special Counsel, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC
Emmanuel P. GiannelisNanocomposites and Nanofluidics
Emmanuel P. Giannelis
Director, Materials Science and Engineering
Walter R. Read Professor of Engineering
Cornell University
Bryan WoodBryan Wood
Founder and Partner, Alta Berkeley, Switzerland
Andrew T. HuntThe Evolution of Nanotech’s Business Models
Andrew T. Hunt
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Founder, nGimat
Andrei M. ShkelBalance On-a-Chip: An Electronic Prosthesis Mimicking the Dynamic Vestibular Function
Andrei M. Shkel
University of California - Irvine
Wendy PullingPG&E’s “ClimateSmart” and Other Approaches to Climate Change
Wendy Pulling
Director of Environmental Policy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)
Srinivas IyerNanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment
Srinivas Iyer
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico
Scott E. McNeilScott E. McNeil
Director, Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory, National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Axel GuentherMultiphase Microfluidics: From Tailor-Made Nanomaterials to Microflows Near the Spead of Sound
Axel Guenther
University of Toronto, Canada
Wade AdamsTechnology Solutions for Energy: Challenges and Solutions for the Power Grid
Wade Adams
Chairman of the Board of Texas Nanotechnology Initiative (TNI)
Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Rice University
Greg HaugstadSeeing and feeling nano with intermittent-contact AFM: it’s all in the details
Greg Haugstad
Director, Characterization Facility,
Institute of Technology, University of Minesota,
MiNTeC node of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
Kieran DelaneyCollaborative Smart Objects and Augmented Materials
Kieran Delaney
Research Coordinator, Department of Electronics Engineering
Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
Patrick Soon-ShiongPatrick Soon-Shiong
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Abraxis BioScience
Nick QuirkeThe Interaction of Fluids with Surfaces and Nanoparticles
Nick Quirke
Chair in Physical Chemistry,
Imperial College London, UK
Francis C. SzokaNovel Bioresponsive Nanocarriers for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery
Francis C. Szoka
Professor of Biopharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California, San Francisco
Thomas WiegeleGoodrich Technology Needs
Thomas Wiegele
Vice President of Research and Development
Goodrich Sensor Systems
David ChereshTumor Angiogenesis Imaging and Therapy
David Cheresh
Professor, Pathology
Tumor Growth, Invasion & Metastasis Program
University of California, San Diego
Yiannis VentikosThe microfluidics of cilia motion: developmental biology, respiratory mechanics and beyond
Yiannis Ventikos
University of Oxford, UK
Clayton TeagueClayton Teague
Federal National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO)
Michael PrattTechConect Opening
Michael Pratt
Director of Corporate Business Development
Office of Technology Transfer
Boston University
Loucas TsakalakosNanotechnology for Photovoltaics
Loucas Tsakalakos
Staff Scientist and Project Leader
General Electric - Global Research
Marc PauchardNanomaterials in Imaging
Marc Pauchard
R&D Section Leader, New Technology
ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, Switzerland
Thomas SchluepThomas Schluep
Chief Scientific Officer, Insert Therapeutics
Michael J. SailorSilicon-based “Mother Ships” for nano-diagnostics and nano-therapeutics
Michael J. Sailor
Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Member, Executive Steering Committee, Materials Science Division
University of California, San Diego
Sotiris E. PratsinisSotiris E. Pratsinis
Professor and Head of the Institute of Process Engineering
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland
Ben MacholBen Machol
President, Shell Oil Company
Jan-Anders E. MånsonAlinghi: Nanotechnology in the America’s Cup
Jan-Anders E. Månson
Vice-President for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
Jean-Pierre BraunJean-Pierre Braun
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member />Crocus Technology, France
Scott MizeScott Mize
Mostafa AnalouiLarge Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective
Mostafa Analoui
Senior Director and Site Head for Groton/New London
Global Clinical Technology
Pfizer Global Research and Development
Ilesanmi AdesidaNanotechnology and Applications in III-V Materials and Devices
Ilesanmi Adesida
Donald Biggar Willett Professor of Engineering, Dean, College of Engineering
Director, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vladimir V. MurashovVladimir V. Murashov
Special Assistant to the Director, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
 Omron : Industrial Cleantech Interests
Shyam Venkatesh
Senior Director of Transportation Technology, TIAX LLC
John KunhartJohn Kunhart
Managing Director and Co-founder, American River Ventures
Caroline (Cal) Baier-AndersonCaroline (Cal) Baier-Anderson
Health Scientist, Environmental Defense
Jeff AndrewsJeff Andrews
Partner, Atlas Venture
Anthony J. RyanSoft Machines: Nanotechnology and Life
Anthony J. Ryan
The ICI Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of The Polymer Centre
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Vladimir Torchilin“Smart Nanosystems” — Opportunity for Multi-functionalization in Tumor Targeting and Delivery
Vladimir Torchilin
Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Director, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
Northeastern University , MA
Peter SchurtenbergerNanoparticles in Soft Materials: the science and applications of colloids
Peter Schurtenberger
Department of Physics
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Christopher B. MurrayPreparation and Properties of Multicomponent Nanocrystal Superlattices
Christopher B. Murray
Manager, Nanoscale Materials and Devices
T. J. Watson Research Center
IBM Corporation
William A. Goddard, IIIDesign of NanoMaterials for Nanoelectronics and Nanofunctionalization
William A. Goddard, III
Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physics
Director, Materials and Process Simulation Center
California Institute of Technology (CALTECH)
Henry A. CourtrightHenry A. Courtright
Senior Vice President of Member Services, Electric Power Research Institute
Tom AshwillWind Energy Research at Sandia National Laboratories
Tom Ashwill
Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
Sharon L. SmithTraveling in the Future with Nanotechnology
Sharon L. Smith
Director, Advanced Technology, Lockheed Martin
Andrew M. HoweCharacterising and Killing the Exciting Rheology of Concentrated Suspensions
Andrew M. Howe
Kodak Research Laboratory
Kodak European Research
Cambridge, UK
David L. MacdonaldDavid L. Macdonald
President & Chief Executive Officer
Nanomix, Inc.
Michael MakowskiEffects of chain architecture, composition and local stiffness on the controlled assembly and morphology of polymeric blends and composites
Michael Makowski
Group Leader, Applied Scientific Computing
PPG Industries R&D
Linda M. Katz, M.D., M.P.H.Linda M. Katz, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Office of Cosmetics and Colors
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Nakissa SadriehFood and Drug Administration Perspective
Nakissa Sadrieh
Associate Director for Research Policy and Implementation
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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