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Nanotech 2004 Conference Technical Program Speaker Biography

Nanotherapeutics - the Future of Medicine

T. Desai
Boston University, US



Tejal Desai is Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. Popular Science magazine has chosen to profile Biomedical Engineering professor Tejal Desai in its 2nd annual Brilliant 10 list. The Brilliant 10 list profiles young scientists who are on the verge of greatness. Their most recent accomplishments have set the groundwork for future achievements that will change the world and how we think about it.

Dr. Desai’s research combines methods and materials originally used for micro-electro-mechanical systems to create implantable biohybrid devices for cell encapsulation, templates for cell and tissue regeneration, and novel protocols for the surface modification of biomaterials. Dr. Desai uses a multidisciplinary approach to better understand biological systems and develop therapeutic modalities for a variety of pathologies. Her other interests include K-12 educational outreach, gender and science education, science policy issues, and biotechnology/bioengineering industrial outreach.

Dr. Desai is currently working on engineering biologically-, mechanically- and optically-compatible substrates which will allow for better cardiac myocyte attachment and orientation upon mechanical stretching of the substrata; integrating engineering principles in microfabrication and material science with a knowledge of biotransport, immunology, and cell biology to design, fabricate, and evaluate biocapsules for the encapsulation of islet cells; characterization of microfabricated membranes with attention to material/structural optimization and the functionality of the membranes as biological filters; developing bioadhesive micromachined devices for the controlled delivery of drugs to the intestine; developing and testing a novel silicon-based biocapsule system for implanting neuronal xenografts into the brain; and engineering biomimetic molecular surfaces that enhance the biocompatibility and functionality of implantable MEMS based devices.

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